SAP Sales Order End User Guides

SAP Sales Order End User Guides

Following are some of the SAP Sales order end user manuals related to Sales and Distribution Module.

SAP Sales Order Process during order entry checks.

Availability Check

Availability check in SAP Sales order allows you to check the current ATP stock before the sales order stock is confirmed for shipping or delivery. This user guide shows how availability check is performed in the sales order and this guide on availability check related to shipping .

Handling incomplete sales documents

System offers choice to display a listing showing which sales documents are incomplete. All incomplete documents or merely a certain kind of sales documents, for example orders could be seen. Check this document on working with incomplete document .

Delivery Creation

A Delivery is really a core shipping document and triggers all activities in Logistics execution menu like picking and packing etc. Shipping particulars to customer are saved in delivery document. Check this end user guide for delivery process after SAP sales order process.

Delivery and Transport Scheduling

understand how delivery and transportation arranging helps you to determine shipping dates in sales order.

Billing Document Check

A Billing document is legal document distributed by company to customer for services or goods provided. It consists of the conditions and terms agreed between two parties together with particulars on products and prices together with taxes. The Sales area accounts for creating and delivering the Billing document about the terms agreed. Check this document on Billing creation and Billing plan .


Complaints from customer as described in presentation are handled in system in line with the various situations.Here let’s observe how standard cycles for a number of situations are run in system within this guide .

sap sales order

Other activities related to SAP Sales Order Process

List of sales documents

Listing of sales documents is function provided in system chatting Sales & Distribution documents like Sales Orders, Billing Documents etc. This function is really a work list in which listing of such orders / billing documents can be found depending on selection criteria and may be done from list.

Creating output conditions for use in SAP Sales order process

Check this document on working with output control determination for sales orders.

Here are some other SAP Sales Order Processes related to material master creation and determination, partner determination, pricing in delivery, revenue accounts, blocking SAP sales orders, taxes, text control and third party processing.

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