SAP Sales Transactions


Useful SAP Sales and distribution Transactions

  1. VA05 List of sales orders
  2. VA02 Sales order change
  3. VA32 Scheduling agreement change
  4. VA42 Contract change
  5. VA22 Quotation change
  6. VF02 Change billing document
  7. VL02N Change delivery document
  8. VF11 Cancel Billing document
  9. VF04 Billing due list
  10. VL04 Delivery due list
  11. VKM3, VKM4 List of sales documents
  12. VKM1 List of blocked SD documents
  13. VKM5 List of deliveries
  14. VL06G List of outbound deliveries for goods issue
  15. VL06P List of outbound deliveries for picking
  16. VL09 Cancel goods issue
  17. VT02N Change shipment
  18. VT70 Output for shipments

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