SAP Solution Manager End-to-End Application Management Platform


SAP Solution manager is a unique solution stack which enables several of its integrated business processes to seamlessly interact with the customer’s IT landscape. The business processes are core function within SAP Solution manager and replace the customer’s need to purchase, implement and maintain separate software and hardware solutions that provide these functions. This is one very significant benefit that SAP Solution manager brings – the ability to replace several un-integrated tools with a single product which provides seamless integration, a single user interface (for ease of use), and which comes at no extra cost as a part of their SAP Standard Support. The Importance of SAP Solution manager in both cost and efficiency terms cannot be over-stated.

Benefits of SAP Solution Manager:

  • TransparencySAP Solution ManagerThe ability of the CIO’s solution life cycle and IT landscape (SAP and non SAP) to be made transparent through SAP Solution manager’s functionality.
  • Efficiency – a platform (SAP Solution Manager) which provides best-in-class best practices. Which provides efficiency and operational effectiveness, as well as providing a gateway to SAP’s support.
  • Flexibility – The capability to utilize SAP Solution manager in a number of different ways (use cases) to maximize its impact on the organization and minimize operating costs.
  • Control – this is a critical and elusive target for a CIO, and a SAP Solution manager is able to provide it because of its complete integration as well as the way in which it can automatically map and analysis  the core business processes within a SAP application landscape.

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