SAP Utility Programs


SAP Utility Programs

Gentran IDoc Data Definition File Generation Tool
– Gentran’s mapping tool maps 1 structure to another structure. Typically, 1 structure is an EDI standard which is provided by Sterling Commerce. In this case we assume the other structure to be SAP’s Idoc structure.
1 click abap tool – This is a tool for quickly selecting last objects used for editing purposes. Very useful for developers to quickly access their common objects.
EDI Utilities – Contains Workflow Utilities Differences in SWETYPV entries across environments & Send email to managers of agents who are no longer there. Contains EDI Utilities Send Email when IDoc hasn’t changed status for a period. Update IDOC Status, Analyze EDPAR.
Find PO in IDOC – Find Inbound Idocs for a particular PO number.
IDOC Excel Upload – Changing an Idoc’s status with an Excel upload.


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