Stock Status in Warehouse


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When goods arrive in the warehouse, they are usually received in the Goods Receipt Area (GR Area) near the receiving dock. Later, they are transferred using a transfer order to Under Quarantine within the warehouse. In some cases, goods can moved directly to fixed bins.

During the period of time when move orders have been created for the movement of goods between the various storage types that have not been fully processed, two availability statuses exist for this stock which has not yet been moved. When warehouse evaluation lists are displayed for this material, these goods appear on the display lists under the following three headers:

1. Quantity or Total Stock

This designator usually appears at the top of many stock display lists. This is the total quantity of material quants stored in the warehouse that does not include quantities for planned put away and picks. For the display of materials in a bin, the total quantity in each storage bin is also displayed.

2. Stock Placement

This column designator appears in some stock lists. The system has created a transfer order for this stock to move it from one storage bin to another. It has been marked for put away (storage) in the warehouse.

3. Stock Removal

This is also a column designator that appears in some stock lists. A transfer order has been created to pick this stock from a storage bin in the warehouse. In most cases, this stock will be transferred to a storage bin in the goods issue area.

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