Storage Types in Warehouse

Storage Types in Warehouse

It is a storage area in warehouse facility, or a warehouse zone that is defined in Warehouse Management (WM) for a warehouse number. This is a physical or logical subdivision of a warehouse complex that is characterized by its warehouse technique, the space used, its organizational form, or its function. A storage bin consists of one or several storage bins.

Broadly Storage Types can be defined as:

  • Goods receipt area
  • Goods Issue area.
  • Bulk storage
  • Open Storage
  • High rack storage
  • Picking area
  • Shelf storage

We will define the important control indicators at the storage type level that determine the material flow (put away and picking activities) and the way inventory is handled in each storage type. These include the control indicators for:

  • Put away strategy
  • Picking strategy

Cold Temperature Area

The business requirement of SPD, BLD, QLS, ODF, SFF and GRL blocked storage area or rejected storage area, materials in this area should not be available for sales invoice i.e. for goods issue for either sales order or Process order. Customer return materials will go through the quality inspection and only quality rejected materials will be coming to customer return materials storage area. The materials in this area are not available for issue. The status of the materials in this area should be “blocked”.

Interim Storage Areas

Storage types that are commonly used by Inventory management and warehouse management are called Interim Storage Areas. The Inventory Management (IM) application component communicates with the Warehouse Management component through interim storage types. Goods receipts and issues posted in IM are automatically updated in WM in these interim storage types.

Interim storage areas are:

  • Goods receipt area
  • Goods issue area
  • Interim storage area for differences
  • Posting change zone

SAP has predefined intermediate Storage types starting the number with ‘9’ series.

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