Testing Process and Procedure


Functional Testing

Functional Testing is the generic term for the different kinds of testing that ensure the proper functionality of software, either on a lower (e.g. unit testing) or a higher level (Integration testing)

  • Types of Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Regression Testing

Performance Testing

Goal of performance testing is the identification of so-called “bottlenecks”,  that slow down the SAP system.

  • Type of Performance Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Stress Testing

Functional Testing in Detail

Unit Testing verifies the implementation of the design for one software element (e.g a transaction in SAP) or a collection of software elements. it ensures that the program logic is complete and correct and that the unit works as designed.

Integration Testing ensures that the single components are properly integrated and allows sequence testing.

Regression Testing ensures that SAP system changes (e.g. the implementation of support packages) do not affect the way the rest of the system works and the resuable test cases can be deployed -> automate testing.

Performance Testing in Detail

Load Testing – During the load test, the performance of a SAP system, depending on the amount of users working simultaneous in a system, is tested and monitored. Therefore, Virtual users are deployed.

Stress testing – A Stress test analyses the performance of a SAP system under extreme conditions, e.g. by creating mass data.

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