This is setup when business requires to display text messages in SD Master data and Sales document. In the document level, text can be displayed both at the header and item level

Like, Reference of previous sales order of the same customer can be given in the header level text of the sales order or  Shipping instructions like delivery of certain items will be done separately due to different shipping requirements like refrigeration.

All such different text types are created and grouped under text objects. Text types from these text objects can be then referenced and copied in the text of subsequent documents.

There are standard text objects like KNA1 (Group for text types defined in customer master –General / central level), KNVV (Group for text types defined in customer master –Sales area level) & VBBK (Group for text types defined for document type –header or item level).

Text Procedure

It lists all the text types required for customer master or document. so, how do you determine the text procedure? in cutsomer master – Based on customer account group or in document based on document type like order / delivery / billing type and item category.

Source for text type can be from different sources. This is configured assigning access sequence to text type. Like, Sales note for customer text in sales order can be searched from reference sales document like contract or customer master text at sales area / general level.

Some of the other features include if for export orders, business need is to make shipping instructions mandatory then text type for shipping instructions in text procedure can be made mandatory or If in billing document header, text related to payment terms has to be copied from Payer and not sold-to party then text type can be configured to copy the text from Payer master record. Applicable when payer is different than sold-to party.

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