Third party processing in Sales Order


Let us create a sales order

Press ”enter” key on the keyboard.

Change item category from TAN to TAS (Third party item)

TAS is allowed to change because of the configuration in “Assign item categories” that TAS is allowed item category for manual change for item category, TAN

After changing item category to TAS for item 10, next screen is create Purchase requisition screen. This is triggered due to schedule line category CS

  1. Item Relevant for Delivery indicator is not checked and no movement type as there is no delivery created in third party order processing.
  2. Order type – NB (Purchase Requisition standard) – controls number assignment for purchase requisition.

In create Purchase requisition screen, enter purchasing group, 100 It takes you back to the item overview, 1st screen of the sales order.

You can now check purchase requisition @item level. Select item 10 and click on

On the next screen select the confirmed date of the schedule line and click on purchase requisition

Enter external vendor, 3818, which is supplying the product to customer.
Enter purchasing organization, 3000

Info record, if maintained in MM gets determined.

If a material master record exists for the requested material, the price is automatically taken from the valuation price field of the material master

Save the sales order. Document number – 10852

Now, create PO with reference to the purchase requisition

On the next screen, enter purchasing organization, vendor and plant in the selection screen.

Click “continue”

Select requisition number and click on “Adopt” icon

No goods receipt against Purchase Order (PO) as material is directly going to the customer from vendor.

Do Invoice verification against PO


Display verified invoice

Menu – SAP Menu – Logistics – Materials Management – logistics invoice verification – further processing – display invoice document. Transaction code : MIR4

Create customer invoice
Transaction code: VF02
Menu path –


This completes the cycle for third party processing
Note – Info record in MM can be checked here.

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