Third Party Processing

Third Party Scenario falls under special business processes in SAP sales. This scenario or modification of it is used in most industries. In Third Party processing, company does not delivery items requested by customer, the order is passed on to a third party vendor. The vendor then manufactures the goods, delivers to customer directly and Invoices the organization. The organization then would bill the customer based on the invoice receipt from Vendor.

Here is the flow of Third Party Processing:

  1. PO from Customer
  2. SO item to Purchase requisition creation
  3. PO from Purchase requisition
  4. Goods from Vendor to Customer
  5. MM Invoice creation
  6. Billing document created with reference to Sales Order based on IR qty
  7. Invoice to Customer

Required configuration:
Item category TAS is provided. It has control using which billing will be with reference to order. Item Category Group ‘BANS’is provided for Third party items if automatic processing of third party needs to be setup in order. Schedule line category CS triggers creation of purchase requisition. No requirement transfer or availability check as it is to be supplied from vendor. Copy control between order type, OR and billing type, F2 configured such that quantity billed to the customer is as per the quantityinvoiced by vendor.

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