Transaction Code to Access Other Transaction Code with Values


Many times in SAP, you may come across situations where in the users wants to have a separate transaction codes for some of the tables which can be easily maintained or displayed in SM30. There are many reason why someone would need like this? reasons may be to have a easy to remember transaction code then to remember the lengthy and complicated table name and so on.. so how do we achieve this.

Go to SE93 – Click on create and then select either Transaction with Variant or Transaction with parameters.

sap tcode-1

I-choose transaction with parameters and now enter in the transaction  ‘SM30’, and in the end you will see a small table control, click on the first line in “Name on Screen Field” and press F4  and select “viewname” and in the corresponding field value enter the table name and now go to the second line and press F4 again and select either show/update (depends either you want to display or maintain it) and now in the corresponding field value enter ‘X’ then save. Refer the screenshot below if you are lost.

sap tcode-2

Now, you have your own separate transaction code which will call SM30 with a custom table. The Possibilities are endless you can use it for any transaction code.

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