Transactions: Finance(FI)

FGRP Report Writer screen
FM12 View blocked documents by user
FST2 Insert language specific name for G/L account.
FST3 Display G/L account name.
KEA0 Maintain operating concern.
KEKE Activate CO-PA.
KEKK Assign operating concern.
KL04 Delete activity type.
KS04 Delete a cost centre.
KSH2 Change cost centre group – delete.
OBR2 Deletion program for customers, vendors, G/L accounts.
OKC5 Cost element/cost element group deletion.
OKE1 Delete transaction data.
OKE2 Delete a profit centre.
OKI1 Determine Activity Number: Activity Types (Assignment of material number/service to activity type)
OMZ1 Definition of partner roles.
OMZ2 Language dependent key reassignment for partner roles.

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