Understanding Cash Journal Process in SAP

Cash Journal

A cash journal for a company code includes the following data:

  • The 4 digit cash journal identification and name
  • The G/L accounts to which you want to post the cash journal accounting transaction
  • The currency in which you want to run the cash journal
  • The document types for posting cash outflows and inflows Cash

Document Types for Cash Journal

You can select existing document types for cash journal documents, or define new document types in this activity. You must have document types for the following postings:

  • G/L account postings
  • Outgoing payments to vendors
  • Incoming payments from vendors
  • Incoming payments from customers
  • Outgoing payments to customers

Ensure that on the detail screen, the selection fields under Permitted account types, your postings are selected accordingly. Useful selections are, for example, account types customer, vendor, G/L account.

Documents Type Controls:

  • Number Range of Document
  • Accounts Groups to be allowed for Posting
  • Reverse Document Type Allowed for Reversal of Cash Journal
  • Persons authorized allowed for cash journal Posting

Use the tcode OBA7 or the IMG Path > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting >Business Transactions > Cash Journal > Define Document Types for Cash Journal.

Setup Cash Journal

Using this activity we can :

  1. Set Cash journal indicator for easy identification.
  2. Assignment to G/L account, which will automatically update the G/L Account
  3. Set Currency that is allowed for the posting of cash journal Posting
  4. Document type allowed for cash journal
  5. The naming of Cash Journal

Use the Tcode: FBCJC0 or the IMG Path > > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting > Business Transaction > Cash Journal > Setup Cash Journal.

Create G/L Accounts for Cash Journal

Use the Tcode: FS00 or the path is IMG > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting >Business Transactions > Cash Journal > Create G/L Accounts for Cash Journal.

You create a G/L account, for the cash journal in the required company code.

Ensure that the account can only be posted to automatically and displays a unique account currency If you want to run several cash journals with different currencies in this account, make sure that the indicator Balances in local currency only is not set, The account currency corresponds to the company code currency.

Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Document

You have to define a number range interval for cash journal documents. Each document then receives a unique number that does not clash with the G/L document number.

Note: This number range assigns a unique number per company code to each cash journal document. In addition, the cash journal documents are numbered sequentially per company code and cash journal.

Use the Tcode: FBCJA1 or the IMG path > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting > Business Transactions > Cash Journal > Define Number Range Interval For Cash Journal Document.

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