Understanding SAP Netweaver Gateway

sap netweaver gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway offers connectivity to SAP programs using any programming language or model. Which means that countless designers without prior understanding of SAP development languages may use industry standards–including REST services and OData/ATOM protocols–to produce new programs that connect straight to SAP software. Any developer will now be able to build and deliver programs that make the most of SAP application functionality and content for brand new uses.

sap netweaver gateway
Source: help.sap.com

It maintains the safety and integrity of the company’s mission-critical systems. It exposes the complex workflow data (because it is maintained within the standard SAP Business systems) within an simple to consume OData service. Whenever you install an SAP NW Gateway server, you receive a built-in Workflow service. Even when you decide to extend it, the procedure below still is applicable.  it will even be popular for mobile and social programs. Using Gateway and a straightforward mobile database  the developers  can call simple API and display order status or delivery information. Some SAP clients are utilizing Gateway to tweet about similar information to clients.

SAP Netweaver Gateway is an ABAP Add-On for Netweaver 702. It possesses a development framework to rapidly create programs running in a number of conditions and consume data and procedures from SAP software. Additionally, it allows designers without SAP understanding to produce programs on the top of SAP Business Suite using SAP NetWeaver Gateway APIs. It creates these simple REST services (create, read, update, remove, and query) in line with the back-finish business objects. NW Gateway is really a mechanism through which designers can connect to SAP using standards-based Web Services. The very first application that tried on the extender was Duet Enterprise, which connects to SAP Business Suite. Data models enable the development of objects that aggregate data from multiple business objects – even across different SAP systems – and deliver them to the prospective client application. The framework supplies a model repository to keep and connect to the models.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway take advantage of the standardised web protocol OData and substantially simplifies use of SAP data, designed for individuals who aren’t SAP designers. Because of the OData protocol, the consumer no more needs to know SAP connects or even the relevant SAP system. Rather, OData allows the quick and simple integration into, and processing of, data on nearly all technology platforms and development conditions.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is paving the way in which for the SAP software to achieve customers anytime, anywhere, on any device. By having an informed knowledge of these concepts and understanding which authentication choices are ideal which are more common situations, you’re already on the right path.  To accelerate development, SAP NetWeaver Gateway offers content machines that need no coding. The machines let SAP designers reuse existing business objects and screens to produce models – inside a couple of minutes – for exterior consumption. Data originating from multiple objects could be aggregated, strained, and modified in line with the client application needs. The produced structures may then be enhanced for custom logic using standard ABAP programming tools.

Rather than using proprietary methods, the communication between SAP NetWeaver Gateway and also the consumer (the browser-based or cloud application, mobile phone, etc.) is dependant on the OData Protocol. It is really an HTTP-based protocol where the interaction between your client and also the SAP NetWeaver Gateway server resembles how an consumer would browse webpages.

With SAP NetWeaver Gateway, clients, partners, and also the larger developer community can deliver innovative programs that connect with SAP software through interactive web encounters and social conditions through mobile and tablet products. Development and deployment processes are created to be quick, easy, and non-troublesome to customers’ IT landscapes without compromising the safety, integrity, and control over a company’s core SAP systems.

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