Upgrade you ABAP skills to 6.40


ABAP Delta Training taken from SDN lists out most the differences between 4.6c and 6.4 and helps you increase your skills through simple exercises in ABAP.

Download the Presentation and the Exercises.

  1. SE80 in 640
  2. New Debugger (Code Inspector and Memory Inspector)
  3. Basic Syntax
  4. Exception Handling
  5. Object Orientation
  6. Shared Memory Classes
  7. RTTS (RunTime Type Services)
  8. ICM (Internet Communications Mgr)
  9. J2EE System
  10. XML
  11. WebServices
  12. E-Mail
  13. ITS
  14. ABAP Unit (Unit Test Tool)
  15. Adobe Forms
  16. BSP (General)
  17. BSP (Custom Tags)
  18. BSP (Model View Controller)
  19. Exercises & Solutions – Within Units

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