Usage of Quant in Warehouse Management


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Quant is the stock of any material with the same features in one storage bin. The system manages different batches of a material as a different quant. The quantity of a quant can be increased by an addition to existing stock. Quant can be created or deleted solely through goods movements.

The quant serves to manage stocks at storage bin level. When goods are stored in the empty storage bin in WM, the system automatically creates a quant in this bin. The system automatically assigns a quant number. The quant is automatically deleted by the system when the material quantity is picked.

In the quant record, the system manages the data of the materials grouped in the quant. This data includes:

  • Quant identification
  • Plant
  • Material number
  • Batch number
  • Stock category
  • Special stock indicator and number

The different types of stock (categories) and special stock are passed to WM from IM and serve as stock separation characteristics in the quant. WM has neither stock categories nor any special stock types of its own. Since it is possible to manage stocks
from different plants within one warehouse complex number, the plant must also exist as a stock separation characteristic in the quant.

Since the system automatically assigns a quant number to each separate quant in WM, the system can optimize material flow and manage stock in the warehouse more efficiently.

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