User Favorites — What Are User Favorites?

Rather than going through a huge selection of transactions on standard menus, users can make their own Favorites menu. SAP can Store your most often used transactions under your own Favorites menu.You can also create favorites of most frequently used transactions for specific user roles.

1. Order entry desk
VA01, VA02, VA03, VA05, etc.

2. Customer master maintenance
XD01, XD02, XD03, FD32, etc.

3. Credit manager
FD32, VKM1, VKM2, VKM3, etc.

4. Delivery or shipment
VL01N, VL10x

Manage favorites centrally for all of the required roles, and copy to the entire user community. For instance, use SAP Competency Center or Support Center to centrally manage all the favorites.

Make use of download option to get specific favorites to the text file.
Upload the favorites to all individuals in the user group.

This noticeably reduces issues associated with end-user training programs. Reduces the time in order to manage role-based menus and it can tremendously mitigate the go-live pains during upgrade projects especially with the large user base.

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