Vendor Confirmation

In Purchasing, the term Confirmation is an umbrella term for various kinds of information provided by a vendor to a customer with regard to ordered goods.
Possible types of confirmation include the following:

  • Order acknowledgments
  • Loading or transport confirmations
  • Shipping notifications. (Note that shipping notifications may also be referred to by a number of other names, including “advice (note)”, “advice of dispatch”, “ship notice”, and “advance(d) shipping notice (“ASN”)

A further form of confirmation frequently used in Purchasing is the Inbound Delivery which is created on the basis of an incoming shipping notification. The shipping notification represents a vendor’s confirmation to a purchasing organization of a delivery date for a certain quantity of ordered materials (or the date of performance of ordered services).


It can be possible to enter incoming vendor confirmations manually. Alternatively, such confirmation can be received via EDI and processed automatically.
When working with vendor confirmations, the following options are available:

  • It can be possible to enter the order acknowledgment number if it is simply wished to provide a basis for monitoring the receipt or non-receipt of acknowledgments.
  • The confirmed quantities and delivery dates should be maintained if it is required to provide more detailed information in support of the purchasing, inventory management, and materials planning/control functions within the enterprise.

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