Warehousing Stock Category


In WM, it is important to know what quantity of a stock is in a particular storage bin, but also its status and whether or not it is available. Stock in the warehouse is categorized in WM as follows:

1. Available Stock

Unrestricted-use stock that is physically located in the warehouse, valuated, and not subject to any kind of usage restrictions. User can carry out all stock movements for this stock to include stock transfers, put away and picking.

2. Inspection Stock

This stock carries the stock category “Q” to indicate that it is in quality inspection. Stock in quality inspection has been valuated but does not count as unrestricted-use stock. The Quality Management inspection data in the QM view of the material master determines whether a percentage of stock is to be designated as inspection stock when it is received in the warehouse. Once this stock has been inspected and a usage decision has been made, User carry out a transfer posting in the Inventory Management component and subsequent Posting Change in WM to remove the category Q, thus converting it to available stock.

3. Blocked Stock

In IM it is possible to designate goods as blocked stock. These materials are a company’s own stock that should not be used. Stock can be blocked, for example, because it has been damaged and for various other reasons. This stock is displayed in WM with a stock category of “S”. This stock is processed in exactly the same manner as inspection stock.

4. Blocked Stock Returns

When delivered goods are returned by a customer, they are first posted in the system to blocked stock returns” with a stock category of “R”. This stock is neither valuated nor is it considered to be unrestricted-use stock. It is possible store this stock in the warehouse. User must carry out a posting change to return it to available stock.

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