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SAP has announced plans to stop producing new versions of the SAP Business Connector (a license-limited version of the webMethods Integration Server) and is actively encouraging customers to use their Business Connector implementations to serve as “pilots” for conversion to SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure). With the lack of future support for the Business Connector, customers will either have to convert to SAP XI (or another integration vendor), or stay on a back-dated version of the webMethods Integration Server used to power the Business Connector.

As an alternative, webMethods is introducing webMethods for SAP to protect customers and their current implementation investment. Users’ current integration logic developed using the Business Connector will be reusable and executable in the webMethods for SAP offering. In addition, this provides customers with a seamless upgrade to the latest release of the webMethods Integration Server giving them access to the additional functionality that comes with webMethods 6.5. This whitepaper describes the history of the Business Connector, talks about webMethods for SAP and why Business Connector customers will want to consider using it, and provides a glimpse of webMethods Fabric 6.5 – a complete and proven business integration and optimization platform.

Read more about it here.

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