What is SAP xApps?

Xapps colloboration with SAP Partners

The ‘SAP xApps’ family of composite applications enables continuous business innovation—and provides the flexibility necessary to respond quickly and profitably to business changes. They extend the value of core business investments and maximize the return on strategic assets: employees, knowledge, products, business relationships, and IT.

SAP and SAP certified partners deliver these composite applications that drive specialized  business processes, provide comprehensive business insights, and focus on the needs of a variety of industries. It’s a set of enterprise wide applications which can be used in collobration with other products to allow and streamline the process of innovation in terms of making it more flexible for users to use necessary web applcations the way they are inteded to be used.

In simple terms these are composite applications which can be reused, integrated and orchestrated to support a business process for specific user experiences.

All these applications combine Web services and data from multiple systems in an application design made possible by the SAP Composite Application Framework within the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. This framework includes the methodology, tools, and run-time environment to develop composite applications. It provides a consistent object model and a rich user experience, and gives developers a productive way to create composite applications on top of a set of heterogeneous applications.

Components of  SAP xApps:

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