Next Generation Enterprise SOA Business Applications

This Article introduces you to Enterprise service oriented architecure in SAP and the next generation of Business Applications that will be based on it. Briefly, Enterpise SOA is a conceptual architecture for ERP software systems and their development that is based on the web service standard. At its foundation is the familiar SAP Netweaver platform with various technologies and tools added to support enterpise SOA and web service development.  Enterprise SOA was first supported in SAP Netweaver 2004. However, this article will focus on many elements that are only supported in SAP Netweaver 7.1

It begins with an overview of architecture and capabilities. Next on some tools, specifically, the Enterprise Services Repository in SAP Netweaver and ARIS for SAP Netweaver – that support the new to SAP concepts of designing and modeling business process and their component objects and also discusses on SAP development paradigm based on business process modeling which allows you to integrate applications and their basic components.

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