ABAP Program to Send Mail with Attachment

This ABAP program use the function module ‘SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1’ to send the email with attachment. There are five steps involved in sending the email with attachment.

  1. Add Recipients
  2. Put in the mail contents
  3. Create the attachment
  4. Pack the mail contents and attachment
  5. Finally, send the mail out.

Before we start writing the code, ensure that everything is configured correctly in the SCOT. Get in touch with the basis team and they will help you configure it.

Declare the following

DATA: lt_mailrecipients  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF somlrec90 WITH HEADER LINE,
      lt_mailtxt         TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF soli      WITH HEADER LINE,
      lt_attachment      TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF solisti1  WITH HEADER LINE,
      lt_mailsubject     TYPE sodocchgi1,
      lt_packing_list    TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sopcklsti1 WITH HEADER LINE,
      gv_cnt             TYPE i.

Now, lets start formatting the mail.

Add Recipients

lt_mailrecipients-rec_type  = 'U'.
lt_mailrecipients-com_type  = 'INT'.
lt_mailrecipients-receiver  = 'someone@erpdb.info'.
APPEND lt_mailrecipients .
CLEAR lt_mailrecipients .

Put in the Mail Contents

lt_mailtxt = 'Hi How are you'.      APPEND lt_mailtxt. CLEAR lt_mailtxt.
lt_mailtxt = 'Here is a test mail'. APPEND lt_mailtxt. CLEAR lt_mailtxt.
lt_mailtxt = 'Thanks'.              APPEND lt_mailtxt. CLEAR lt_mailtxt.

Create the attachment

  DATA: BEGIN OF lt_po_data_cons OCCURS 0,
         ebeln like ekpo-ebeln,
         ebelp like ekpo-ebelp,
        END OF lt_po_data_cons.
  SELECT ebeln ebelp INTO TABLE lt_po_data_cons
  FROM ekpo.   
  CLASS cl_abap_char_utilities DEFINITION LOAD.
              INTO lt_attachment SEPARATED BY
  APPEND lt_attachment. CLEAR lt_attachment.
  LOOP AT lt_po_data_cons.
  CONCATENATE lt_po_data_cons-ebeln lt_po_data_cons-ebelp
              INTO lt_attachment SEPARATED BY
  CONCATENATE cl_abap_char_utilities=>newline lt_attachment
              INTO lt_attachment.
  APPEND lt_attachment. CLEAR lt_attachment.

Pack the mail contents and attachment

  lt_packing_list-transf_bin  = space.
  lt_packing_list-head_start  = 1.
  lt_packing_list-head_num    = 0.
  lt_packing_list-body_start  = 1.
  lt_packing_list-body_num    = LINES( lt_mailtxt ).
  lt_packing_list-doc_type    = 'RAW'.
  APPEND lt_packing_list. CLEAR lt_packing_list.
  lt_packing_list-transf_bin  = 'X'.
  lt_packing_list-head_start  = 1.
  lt_packing_list-head_num    = 1.
  lt_packing_list-body_start  = 1.
  lt_packing_list-body_num    = LINES( lt_attachment ).
  lt_packing_list-doc_type    = 'XLS'. " You can give RAW incase if you want just a txt file.
  lt_packing_list-obj_name    = 'data.xls'.
  lt_packing_list-obj_descr   = 'data.xls'.
  lt_packing_list-doc_size    = lt_packing_list-body_num * 255.
  APPEND lt_packing_list. CLEAR lt_packing_list.
  lt_mailsubject-obj_name     = 'MAILATTCH'.
  lt_mailsubject-obj_langu    = sy-langu.
  lt_mailsubject-obj_descr    = 'You have got mail'.
  lt_mailsubject-sensitivty   = 'F'.
  gv_cnt = LINES( lt_attachment ).
  lt_mailsubject-doc_size     = ( gv_cnt - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN(
  lt_attachment ).

Finally, send the mail out.
That’s it. You are all done. Just call the function module to send the mail out.

      document_data              = lt_mailsubject
      packing_list               = lt_packing_list
      contents_bin               = lt_attachment
      contents_txt               = lt_mailtxt
      receivers                  = lt_mailrecipients
      too_many_receivers         = 1
      document_not_sent          = 2
      document_type_not_exist    = 3
      operation_no_authorization = 4
      parameter_error            = 5
      x_error                    = 6
      enqueue_error              = 7
      OTHERS                     = 8.
  IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
    SUBMIT rsconn01 WITH mode = 'INT' AND RETURN.

If this is complicated, there is a much simpler way to send external mail from ABAP, check ABAP tutorials for more.


Hi, can you please provide basic programs to learn in detail with explanation. I am beginner in ABAP. Thanks in advance..