Incompletion Log during Sales Order Creation


The data entered during the  Sales document creation flows to the subsequent documents like delivery & billing. Hence it is important that data required for further processing is not missed out. System usually proposes most of the data from various master records, however some important data or proposed data can be entered / modified manually. To guarantee that important data is not missed out in sales document creation, SAP system has provided with Incompletion logs where such missing data is logged and can be pointed to user for completion.

Incompletion log is a useful tool which can be used by users to have all the necessary data maintained in sales document.What data should be checked in which sales document is controlled in customizing and differs among the type of sales document. The controls in customizing also present a user friendly option of taking the user to relevant screen to complete the missing data. Saving a sales document with incomplete data also depends on the type of sales document. Example an incomplete quotation can be saved but not a sales order.

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