In the normal course of the sale, customers contact the organization for inquiries and quotations for quantities of materials. In SAP , there are several types of transactions used to record these transactions.

The purpose of having inquiry and quotations is a two process.

  1. Simply to record the transactions for the client.
  2. If customers place orders in the future, information from inquiries and quotations May be imported in order, reducing data entry. Thirdly, customers use quotations to obtain guaranteed prices on the prices of materials.
  3. they provide a means of assessing future income from the sale represented by past surveys and quotations.

Inquiry is created using Logistics –> Sales and Distribution –> Sales –> Inquiry –> Create (Transaction Code: VA11)

Quotation is created using Logistics –>Sales and Distribution –> Sales –> Quotation –> Create (Transaction Code: VA21)

Once a vendor has received an RFQ, the vendor will send back a quote that will be legally binding for a certain period of time. Specifically, a Quotation is an offer by a vendor to a purchasing organization regarding the supply of material(s) or performance of service(s) subject to specified conditions. The Quotation then need to be maintained in the “Maintain Quotation: XXXX” screens.



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