Output is a medium using which Business communicates with its business partners during sales order processing like Order Confirmation / acknowledgement, Delivery note, Packing list & Invoice.  SAP controls output determination using condition technique.  Outputs can be triggered manually or automatically in the sales document. Automatic determination requires maintenance of output condition record. Print programs and layout sets control content which should be displayed in the output.

Condition technique

Output determination procedure is determined on the basis of sales document type (sales order type, delivery type, billing type). Standard output determination procedure for sales order (OR), Delivery (LF) and Billing (F2) is V100000. Output procedure contains output types,which can be processed when that sales document is created. One document can have >1 output types like Delivery note and Packing list in delivery.

Output type controls Medium (Like Print, Fax, EDI), Time of sending the output –e.g.immediately or in a batch, Which partner function of Business partner it can be sent, Language & Criteria for which output condition record can be maintained for automatic output determination. It offers flexibility of changing the key controls in the Sales documents like If order confirmation for a customer is scheduled to be printed in a batch but the customer wants it immediately then time of dispatch control can be changed in the sales order.


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