SAP Product Lifecycle Management


Up until now, the main job for solutions, in the area of Product Data Management (PDM), has been to forge links between technical and commercial information processing, between engineering on the one hand and procurement and production on the other. In the Internet age, new challenges present themselves: the traditional distinction between internal and external users in the whole logistics chain has to be overcome through various forms of direct cooperation. In addition, users would like a working environment tailored for them, which offers access to all relevant systems, processes and information.

SAP Product Lifecycle Management is the key to this objective. As an integrated part of, SAP Product Lifecycle Management provides all PDM users Webbased access to all product and process data for the entire life cycle of the product. This access, namely the Workplace, provides an open portal to all information and applications that users need in order to perform effectively in a dynamic and market-driven working environment. Furthermore, it enables the user to collaborate with business partners by means of an interface that is easy to tailor, learn and use. In Workplace, the user can find a combination of SAP applications, external applications, and Internet software and services, improving personal productivity.

Read more about the whitepaper on SAP PLCM.

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