SAP Production Planning Tips and Tricks

SAP Production Planning Tips and Tricks contains a huge collection of smart answers to get the work done faster. Here is the list of tips this manual provides.

Contains Tips and Tricks on the below topics.

  1. Table of the Order Production Operation
  2. Why used Planning tools like APO or I2?
  3. Difference between MRP vs MPS
  4. SAP Factory Calendar
  5. GR processing time in PP and MM
  6. Production Planning – Extract data from MRP Table
  7. Calculation to determine the delivery date and release date
  8. Purchasing processing Time – OPPQ
  9. Define Safety Stock Availability
  10. Questions on MRP Group and MRP Controller
  11. What if nothing happens when you run MRP?
  12. Guide To Mass Replace Work Center
  13. Planning separately via Storage Location or Vendor with MRP Area
  14. The Common used Planning Strategy
  15. Why Planning file entry still Exists?
  16. Planning Strategy Selection
  17. When do we use planning without final assembly strategy?
  18. MRP Monthly lot size
  19. Reservation Not Created During MRP Run
  20. How to Configure Range Of Coverage Profile
  21. Lose of link between sales order and production order
  22. Batch Characteristics while Running MRP
  23. What is Firming Type in the MRP Types
  24. Functions of Production Version
  25. What is Discrete Manufacturing, REM and Demand Management?
  26. Rescheduling date does not take into account the GR Processing Time
  27. Schedule Margin Key in Production Scheduling
  28. What’s the function for Plan order convert to production order?
  29. Work Scheduling View in Material Master
  30. Scheduling Background Jobs for MRP
  31. What is Finite and Infinite Scheduling
  32. What Is Mean By Schedule Lines
  33. Production Setup Time
  34. Material Stock in Production Order
  35. Automatic Conversion to Production Orders
  36. Regarding Production Order Confirmation
  37. How Costing takes place in Production Orders
  38. SAP flow for REWORK activity
  39. Serial Number For Component
  40. How To Delete Old Production Orders
  41. Checking Costs and Revenues from the Sales Order
  42. PP – Define the default components reservation movement type
  43. Goods Receipt (101) for Process Order
  44. Goods receipt and goods issue through a PI sheet
  45. Steps for Subcontracting
  46. Stock in Transit – liquidation or remove the stock which is in transit
  47. Restricting Good Receipt Unless Production Order Confirmed
  48. How to link BOM component to storage location?
  49. When is a Material BOM Not Exploded?
  50. Creating a simple BOM
  51. Explode BOM
  52. Where used list for BOM
  53. PP – Controlling data for your Bill of Materials
  54. Allocating BOM to Other Plant
  55. Mass Change Bill of Materials
  56. Multi-level configuration with variants
  57. What exactly is a Phantom item or Assembly means?
  58. Attachment Of Drawings in BOMs
  59. Split In Routing / Difference Between Alternative And Parallel Seq
  60. A basic SAP Engineering Change Management Setup
  61. Capacity Leveling Profile Setup
  62. Production Control System Messages
  63. Production Order System Status
  64. Explain System and User Status In Production Order
  65. PP Year End To Do List
  66. SAP Production Planning and Control Frequently Asked Question
  67. The Overall Flow For SAP PP

Download the SAP PP Tips and Tricks Manual.

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