Use the Tcode: FS00 or the path is IMG > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting >Business Transactions > Cash Journal > Create G/L Accounts for Cash Journal.

In this activity, you create a G/L account, for the cash journal in the required company code. Ensure that the account can only be posted to automatically and displays a unique account currency If you want to run several cash journals with different currencies in this account, make sure that the indicator Balances in local currency only is not set, The account currency corresponds to the company code currency.


  1. Dear all,

    SAP FBCJ – function POST_ALL

    we have created small RFC for above said function POST_ALL.

    when we execute RFC from SAP environment, it post all the documents for the given date range.

    the same RFC when called from outside SAP environment as web services, it does not post the document.

    what may be the reason????

    your early solution to this problem will be highly appreciated.

    regards, PRABHU



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