Info Objects

InfoObjects are the “smallest available information modules” (=fields) In SAP BW: These can be uniquely identified with their technical name. As components of the Metadata Repository, InfoObjects contain the technical and specialist information for master-and transaction data in SAP BW. InfoObjects are used throughout the system to create structures and tables. These enables information to be modeled in a structured form in SAP BW. InfoObjects are used for the definition of reports, to evaluate master-and transaction data.

SAP delivers InfoObjects within Business Content (BCT). The technical name of standard InfoObjects begins with 0. As well as these, you can also define your own InfoObjects. Make sure the technical name begins with a letter between A and Z and that it is 3-9 characters in length.

InfoObjects are divided into the following classes:

  • Key Figures – Key figure InfoObjects provide the values to be evaluated. Example: – Quantity (0QUANTITY) ,  Amount (0AMOUNT).
  • Characteristics – Characteristic InfoObjects are business reference objects, which are used to analyze key figures.

Technical Characteristics
These characteristics have an organizational function within SAP BW. Examples include Request ID (0REQUID) &  Change ID (0CHNGID)
Info Object 0REQUID delivers the numbers the system allocates when loading requests ; Info Object 0CHNGID  delivers the numbers allocated during aggregate change runs.

Info Object Tabs
General – This tab page is used to determine the basic properties of a characteristic for example description, data type (CHAR, NUMC,…), length (max, 60 characters) and conversion routine. When defining a characteristic, you must enter at lest a description data type and length. All other settings on this and other tab pages are optional.
Business Explorer – This tab page is used to set the display defaults in the Business Explorer (BEx). That is, to determine whether or not the characteristic is to appear as a textual description or as a key in BEx by default.
Master data /texts – On this tab page, you determine whether or not the characteristic can have attributes or texts. If the characteristic is to have its own texts, you need to make at least one text selection (short, medium-length, long text-20,40,60 characters). The attributes are assigned to the characteristic on the Attributes tab page.
Attributes – Attributes are themselves InfoObjects (characteristics/key figures) that are used to describe characteristics in greater detail. For example, the characteristic cost center can be described in more detail with profit center and controlling area to which it is assigned. Here the attributes are themselves InfoObjects (characteristics/key figures). If the With master data indicator was set on the Master data/texts tab page, you are able to specify attributes and properties for these  attributes together with the characteristic on the Attributes tab page.

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