SAP Transactions

SAP Transactions

Easy way to Get SAP transactions?

SAP TransactionsWant to have the list of SAP transactions handy? Well you don’t have you download SAP transactions from any website.  The SAP table TSTC itself contains the list of all the SAP Transactions.

So anytime you forget a SAP transaction, just go to the table TSTC and you can get the entire list of sap transactions or how about using the SEARCH_SAP_MENU? even that also helps you to find any SAP transaction easily.

You can understand a lot about Transactions in this post on understanding the structure on transactions in SAP.

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  1. hi there is one more method to find the transactions in sap .

    goto se93 there give relevent name with * and go ahead with that, if found relevent click on display it will display all the details like progrm name , package, description of transaction etc.

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